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    January 10, 2014Singapore


    Case: Search and seizure order

    Location: An Engineering Company in Singapore

    Brief: An engineering company had contacted RP-DS to conduct a forensic investigation on their current and former employees to look out for any redirection of business, taking of company confidential data or any other breach of corporate policies.

    Procedure: RP-DS conducted a covert operation after planning with the client so that current employees will not be alerted. Forensic imaging was completed at the client offices, after office hours. Further imaging was done in our office of an employee’s corporate laptop which has already left the company. The subsequent investigation turned up crucial evidence enabling us to apply for a search and seizure order (Anton Piller Order) of a residence and an office. The search and seizure was conducted at both location simultaneously. All data, devices and forensic images gathered were brought back to our office for investigation. Further damaging evidence was found on the data gathered during the search and seizure order.

    Outcome: The findings provided proved crucial in allowing the client to pursue litigation against a former and a current employee.

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