• Case Studies

    July 15, 2012Singapore


    Case: Mobile Forensic

    Location: Singapore

    Brief: RP-DS was contacted by a company in Asia to image and examine a number of company mobile phones. A number of employees had recently left the company under suspicious circumstances. The client had requested us to analyse the phones to look for any breach of company policy.

    Procedure: To begin the investigation, the phones were forensically imaged using mobile forensic tools. The images of the phone were reconstructed using mobile forensic software in order for the contents to be viewable. Looking at the contents of the forensic images, we are able to analyse and look for any related information. Messages that are useful will be any communication platform such as SMS/MMS, WhatsApp, WeChat or social media messenger. Other types of information such as the “Notes” application in the phone is useful as well. Using forensic techniques we recovered deleted data from these, which included some messages of interest.

    Outcome: The client was able to pursue a number of the former employees based on our findings.

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