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    July 15, 2012Singapore


    Case: Forgery

    Location: Printing Company Singapore

    Brief: A client approached RP-DS to conduct an investigation of their employees. It was suspected that employees had been electronically forging signatures of management as the signatures in a handful of printed documents looked exactly the same. The client also requested to check for any diversion of business or breach of company policy.

    Procedure: In a covert operation to image several company computers, we successfully conducted operations without alerting the suspects. Upon investigation of the forensic images we found numerous electronic scanned signatures saved in picture file format (jpeg/png). These files looked exactly the same as the questioned signed documents. During our searches for any traces of diversion of business we found key evidence to support this suspicion. A number of employees in the same company were involved in the diversion of business to a competitor firm. Further investigation was conducted of the newly identified employees. Further computers were covertly imaged and investigated based on our findings. Additionally we were able to enhance the quality of both the audio and the resolution of video CCTV footage of a conversation providing additional evidence.

    Outcome: Our report allowed the company to lodge a police report. Our findings were also used in civil proceedings against the perpetrators.

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