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    July 15, 2012Singapore


    Case: Cyber Incident Response - Ransomware

    Location: Singapore office of a regulated company

    Brief: The Singapore branch of a financial company, regulated by The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) suffered a Ransomware attack that locked them out of all of their servers and data. Although the company had firewalls and security implemented by their in-house IT, attackers had still manage to compromise all their servers and were demanding Bitcoins for the company to get the data back. Being MAS regulated, the company needed an independent firm, to respond immediately to this cyber incident and assist with reporting on the incident to MAS.

    Outcome: RP-DS responded immediately deploying Cyber Incident Responders. Based on the MAS Incident Reporting Template, RP-DS produced a report detailing the Root Cause Analysis, factors that caused the problem and measures to mitigate/resolve the issue. RP-DS also assisted the client with implementing corrective actions taken to prevent future occurrences of similar types of incident. The RP-DS report and recommendations were submitted to MAS.

    RP-DS advised the client to purchase Cyber Insurance, to transfer the risk of possible future cyber-attacks.

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