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    July 15, 2012Singapore


    Case: Cyber Incident Response - Business Email Compromise

    Location: Singapore based regional company

    Brief: Through notifications from its clients, a Singapore based company discovered it had been the victim of an Office 365 email account compromise. The account was then used by attackers to send out emails containing malware, to all the email addresses in the compromised email account.

    Outcome: RP-DS responded immediately deploying Cyber Incident Responders. The computer of the compromised user was examined with computer forensics and the Office 365 account and logs were also examined.
    RP-DS identified the initial email that had been sent to the compromised user that caused the account compromise (a phishing email). RP-DS assisted the client to implement a number of IT security changes to prevent future occurrences of a similar type.

    RP-DS advised the client to purchase Cyber Insurance, to transfer the risk of possible future cyber-attacks.

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