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    July 15, 2012Singapore


    Case: Corruption

    Location: Singapore office of an international company

    Brief: A large international company contacted RP-DS to investigate a whistle blower allegation of a possible corrupt payment. The scope of the investigation was several suspects spanning Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, China and Russia. A total of 11 suspects were identified and investigate. As company was an Office 365 email user, their mailboxes and personal cloud storage area were downloaded and forensically imaged, directly from Office 365 servers.

    Procedure: In this case, the following tasks were carried out

    • Gathering evidence from various sources to prevent loss of data
    • Seizing the cloud based emails and placing litigation hold on specific email accounts
    • Targeted computer capture and forensic imaging
    • Large local file server forensic imaging
    • Gathering and DE duplicating evidence sources for review in RP-DS eDiscovery platform
    • Providing assistance for lawyers on complex searches on the evidence sources
    • Advising clients and legal teams on plans to further gather more crucial potential evidence

    Outcome: Internal investigations are still ongoing. The client is taking advice from legal teams.

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