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    August 2017Indonesia


    Case: Theft

    Location: Indonesia

    Brief: A loss adjusting company in Indonesia engaged RP-DS to investigate loss of client goods. The adjuster had been instructed by the insurer following an insurance claim. Mismatched records from a weighbridge compared to data stored in a proprietary inventory database raised suspicions that something was amiss. The shortfall in actual goods resulted in an insurance claim running into millions of dollars. RP-DS was engaged to analyze the data and assess how the data could have been manipulated.

    Procedure: On-site survey work and forensic imaging of several computers attached to industrial weighing equipment was necessary. Additionally, access to database servers was granted and data was gathered directly from an SQL database and backup data. Analysis of this data was conducted at RD-DS offices.

    Outcome: The difficult task of reconstructing the custom database from the SQL data was accomplished and current data together with backup data was compared. Several issues with the database were identified, including a method for data entry administrators to manually alter the recorded data, as it was being entered into the database system. Additionally the database did not have sufficient auditing to reconcile database edits against user accounts. RP-DS was able to show that a poorly designed database together with lapses in controls had allowed employees to pilfer goods, then cover their tracks by manipulating database records manually.

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