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    June 16, 2012Asia & Worldwide


    Case: Investigation on Shipping Company

    Location: Coast of Malaysia

    Brief: A shipping company engaged RP-DS to investigate missing oil in an oil bunkering ship which was valued at over $2 million. The oil tanker ship was recently unloaded of all oil cargo, however there was not as much oil left in the vessel as there should have been.

    Procedure: A cover story was made up and used to get an RP-DS consultant on board disguised as shipping engineering. This was to prevent raising any suspicious among the crew and minimise the chances of crucial evidence being destroyed. A forensic copy of the loading computer was imaged discreetly using forensic software. The image was brought back to the RP-DS lab for further analysis. Upon investigation, evidence showed that Hotmail was used as a form of communication frequently between the ship crews and shipping “agents” to regularly siphon the fuel illegally.

    Outcome: The findings and evidence was handled over to the client for them to take pursue the case through litigation against the perpetrators.

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