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    January 13, 2014Asia & Worldwide


    Case : Employee misconduct

    Large scale fraud investigation - financial institution

    Location: Indian subcontinent

    Brief: An international financial institution suspected that their systems had been compromised and were being accessed by an ex-employee. They also suspected collusion, price fixing and kickbacks in several locally awarded contracts.

    Outcome: In a covert on-site operation, RP-DS narrowed down from 20 possible suspects’ computers to 10. With the client’s permission, RD-DS then had these computers forensically imaged on-site. Of the ten, two servers were forensically imaged using “live forensic imaging” technology without the knowledge of the computer owners and all imaging was completed without the need to switch off the servers. A vulnerability assessment was also carried out on-site to determine the extent of malicious activity on the company network. Back at the RP-DS offices, forensic analysis was then carried out. This procedure found evidence of the alleged kickbacks, as well as other evidence of potentially criminal activity.

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