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    June 16, 2012Asia & Worldwide


    Case: Cyberbullying

    Location: A School in South East Asia

    Brief: An international school in South East Asia contacted RP-DS to investigate a case of “cyberbullying” that involved a number of students, including the victim. The victim found printed hate messages in their school bag and suspected it to be from other students. Our brief was to forensically image the suspected students and victim’s school issued computes and mobile phones.

    Procedures: To begin the investigation, we forensically imaged the devices analyzed their social media behavior and accounts to look for any traces of cyberbullying. Then we moved on to recover deleted chat messages such as WhatsApp and iMessages and examine these. Next, we used specific words and phrases from the hate messages that the victim received and targeted these keywords in our searches. This gave us a number of hits. Surprisingly these were found in the alleged victim’s computer. The hits were from a specific application “Note” and were recovered from a deleted area of the disk. The hits led to us finding the exact hate messages that the alleged victim had received. We also found out that the alleged victim commonly used the “Note” application as a drafting tool.

    Outcome: Our findings were sent to the client for them to take necessary action.

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